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Ramada Makkah Hotel

Ramada Makkah Hotel

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Ramada Makkah Hotel

The Ramada Makkah Hotel is considered one of the distinctive and wonderful hotels that many people want to book in and experience spending the most enjoyable and happiest times inside it, especially since there is great praise from those who have experienced staying in it and confirmed that it is one of the ideal hotels suitable for spending holidays in it, or staying in it for... Completing some work and tasks. It is worth noting here that the hotel is keen to provide the most important and best discounts and appropriate and special offers that are useful to visitors.

Ramada Makkah Hotel

Ramada Makkah Hotel

Given the great importance of this hotel, we will learn together the most important and prominent information about it, in detail through the following points:

  • The Ramada Hotel is located in Mecca, and when calculating the distance between the hotel and going to the Haram, it takes five minutes on foot.
  •  Providing free Wi-Fi service to its patrons in its public areas.
  • The hotel also features a delicious breakfast through its restaurant.
  • There are many advantages, the most prominent of which is also the provision of a bus that takes guests to the Haram, which is located at a distance of four hundred and fifty square metres.
  • The hotel offers guests an on-site restaurant and also has a 24-hour information desk.
  • As for all the hotel rooms, they have been decorated in warm and calm colours.
  • It is worth noting that all rooms are equipped with a simple seating area, a flat TV, and a minibar.
  • The facilities also include wardrobes for clothes, an electric kettle, and a telephone.
  • Ten minutes away, there is Al Safwa Orchid, where you can shop with ease.
  • King Abdulaziz International Airport is a sixty-minute drive away.
  • What is also special here is the availability of free public parking, which is located in the vicinity.
  • Due to the distinguished location of the Ramada Makkah Hotel, it gives you comfortable and easy access to vital and important places by walking.
  • From this standpoint, we can say that the hotel is considered one of the most important and distinctive options through which one can enjoy seeing Mecca.

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The cost of staying at the Ramada Makkah Hotel

Ramada Makkah Hotel

Many people who want to book a room in this hotel may want to know the cost of staying there. First, we must note that the prices inside the Ramada Makkah Hotel may definitely differ, as this difference lies in the time that you will spend inside the hotel, and depends on the type of room that you have. By booking it, we can clarify that the average room price during one night was about two hundred and fifty-six Saudi riyals, knowing that there were a number of guests who found prices that were considered low, as they amounted to two hundred and fifty-five Saudi riyals.

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 Ramada Makkah Hotel phone number

Ramada Makkah Hotel

We provide all those looking for information about the hotel with the contact number, which is as follows:

  • The hotel was keen to allocate a number to contact so that you can book a room within the hotel.
  • You can also rely on this number to inquire about the hotel’s services and facilities.
  • Therefore, in the event of reservations and inquiries, you can contact this number, which is 966125778518.

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Areas near Ramada Makkah 

Ramada Makkah Hotel

There are many important places near the Ramada Makkah Hotel, and we will explain them to you in detail through the following points:

  • There is Abraj Al Bait Mall, which is about 0.7 km away.
  • There is also Abraj Al Bait itself, which is about 0.6 km away.
  • There is the Grand Mosque through King Abdulaziz Gate, which is about 0.8 km away.
  • As for Ajyad Gate from the Grand Mosque, it is also 0.8 km away.
  • Also, the Grand Mosque through King Abdullah Gate is about 0.9 km away.

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In conclusion, the Ramada Makkah Hotel is an ideal destination for travelers looking for comfort, proximity to the Holy Mosque of Mecca, luxurious cuisine, and distinguished services.

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